Suitable for medium-sized sales area
Fitted with hardened curved folding glasses
Anodized aluminum canopy
Painted (RAL 7046) stable front posts
Made in Italy technology and design
Easy installation
Low power consumption
Low environmental impact
Tank made without use of CFC
Customizations on request
Insulated and thermoformed side-walls (50 mm thick each) with tempered side glass
Electronic control panel
Timed defrosting
Refrigerated storage with doors
Neon lighting
Working top made of non scratch laminated wood
Display trays made of white painted steel sheet (atoxic, suitable for food)
Versions   200
Lenght included Side-walls (50 mm thick each) mm 2020
Total absorbed power (standard version) built-in unit R404A W 660
Total absorbed power (standard version) remote condensing unit W 125
Power absorbed by lighting (standard version) N°/W 1×58
Display surface m2 1,45
Storage volume in liters L 365
Total weight (with standard packing) 2
Useful power for remote units T.Evap -10°C W 800
Total weight (with standard packing) Kg 210