SALINA is the new line of refrigerated semi- ventilated half-over counters suitable for both small and medium-sized surface; it is characterized by 3 models with the same base structure; the difference is the glass system.
Its well-dimensioned cooling system ensures a proper display to any kind of fresh food, like coldcuts, dairy products and deli products. The temperature is controlled by an electronic thermostatTimed defrosting system.

Versions   200
Lenght included Side-walls (40 mm thick each) mm 2000
Total absorbed power (standard version) built-in unit R404A W 540
Total absorbed power (standard version) remote condensing unit W 160
Power absorbed by lighting (standard version) N°/W 1×58
Display surface m2 1,1
Storage volume in liters L 332
Storage door quantity (net size 240×440 mm) 2
Useful power for remote units T.Evap -10°C W 640
Total weight (with standard packing) Kg 180